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Symptoms of seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergy symptoms begin to appear, usually, when the concentration of up to 30 pollen grain pollen per cubic meter of air. But during the hot humid climates,
and after the rain directly, the concentration of pollen grains increases the amount is too large for up to 500 grain pollen per cubic meter of air; Therefore, allergy symptoms are often greatest after rain directly when patients allergic to pollen . During the days in which they occurs thunderstorms, the pollen grains to burst out starchy grains are very small to the air, which is very strong in agitating seasonal allergies; because they can reach places very deep in the long after inhalation as a result of their small size. How to skin care Preparedness to cope with allergies How to create a patient before entering the season? Answers the question pointing to the fact that the time of the season every year, it is known to be that the patient is initialized steps following medical pre-season week, that holds medical bag containing the following medicines, and used as follows: First, anti-histamine medications are advised to use it when you see the sneezing or congestion in the nose or itchy eyes. Second: Spray the nose contains cortisone is advisable to use it regularly; poultice one for each nose once a day, a week before the season and even the end of the season (once a day). Third Eye drops anti-allergic used when severe itching in the eye Fourth, some international schools are advised to carry cortisone pills 5 milligrams, to be used only when necessary in severe cases do not regularly used only under the guidance specialist doctor.

Learn about some of the erroneous statements about beauty

When are you looking at what beauty is, you will find that many of the tips you are showered who do not experience them, you things according to their experiences and personal perspectives, and common mistakes that are coming to the ears,
which you avoided and corrected: Hair removal in the opposite direction: the discretion of some men and women that unlike waxing hairline hair is the most appropriate way and that provide superior softness, but the opposite is true, cause haircuts in the opposite direction skin irritation especially sensitive areas The incidence of skin hurts the pass code.How To Cellulite Relationship chocolates emergence of pimples: proved dermatologists that nothing to do with chocolate blisters but consists of acne as a result of hormonal imbalance or the inability of the liver to drain the sediment that lead to the appearance of acne, this is what justifies the benefits of drugs that work to help the liver to get rid of acne. Cut coots at home: Cut coots are not easy as you think, but there are basics and multiple rules to be highlighted in an appropriate manner suitable for facial face. So it is essential that for a hair stylist in order to be adjusted appropriately. Upgrading eyebrows: eyebrows define withdrawn from the eye and sometimes reflect the softness and innocence of women look and sometimes serious character, but the biggest mistake committed by women is upgrading eyebrows as difficulty re-exposing the eyebrows and hair waiting until its ready.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What are the causes of atopic dermatitis

Allergy skin of common diseases as a result of the high rate of pollution and the spread of chemicals in our lives in an unprecedented way, and among the types of allergies are atopic dermatitis, what are the causes of infection? Atopic dermatitis is also known as atopic eczema or genetic,
where genetics play a role in the transmission of the disease, especially in terms of the mother, and about the causes of the injury, he spoke as a result of the willingness of genetic, where he plays configuration genetic major role in susceptibility to eczema atopic as smiling infected with this type of eczema features immunological especially like the high proportion of body immune system in the blood, and the presence of injuries allergies other and to study the immune system of the patient, including the promise of cells. The antibodies are different, and materials may reveal the existence of differences concerning, for example, the role played by certain immune cells in the skin. Also, some foods such as milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, fish and other plays an essential role in the incidence of atopic eczema.Skin Care
It also can be contracted as a result of the material inhaled and include mites dust of the house, pollen, hair and animal waste and vesicles fungi air and in some cases, can be sure of the role of hospitals in the events of the disease through skin tests tingling or sensitivity tests skin for 72 hours, where it appears in the cases positive red rash covering vesicles minutes. It also proved to be a psychological state, one major role of being infected eczema atopic, it has been observed, for example, that an increase in stress exacerbates the symptoms of the disease is due to the existence of a relationship or link between nerve cells and some cells affecting the immune reactions to the human body. As different cases of atopic eczema in the nature of their response to climate change, while the worse case of some in the winter, the others are getting their suffering with the disease in the spring, summer and sun exposure may be useful in some cases but harmful and undesirable for other cases, and marks some patients a marked improvement in their condition When they are near the coasts or in mountainous places.

How do you deal with dry skin

No, we must not wait until your skin becomes wrinkled and stressful and corroded old man in the autumn, until you feel that there is a problem you have to solve your skin. There are many infections and skin austerity has not seen them with the naked eye, but they affect your health in general has is causing in many infections and infection to the rest of the body, as well as you are entering cases in a bad mood and nervous because of the pain that may feel without having the explanation.Skin Care Program Why do you have to address the dryness of your skin? They are simply stripping the body of freshness and moisture and thus make you feel constant pain and infected wounds repeated that it may be difficult to treat because of the lack of moisture the surface of the skin, and itching usually here will become permanent radiate and cause you embarrassment in front of your entourage. To treat dry skin, use skin moisturizer, use it on a daily basis, and that goes into the natural elements configured to prevent allergies and itching such as oats. Dry feet But if your toes or feet surface is the region most affected by allergies and austerity, and finds it very difficult to treat skin traditional experts cream devoted to the treatment of the feet and moisten them, especially in the winter. Experts stress the need to moisten the area under the toenails and feet on a regular basis because they are the most important vectors of infection and inflammation. Wear cotton socks, and avoid socks made from raw materials that cause itch like wool. Preferably cotton clothes infrastructure so as not to touch the raw materials your body that cause you to infections and allergies.

The best natural cosmetics for the skin

The natural skin care is gaining in this day and age more and more people's trust. Natural and herbal ingredients nourish our skin in a gentle way. Natural cosmetics are made in an environmentally friendly way. There are also purely vegan products for skin care.
 Natural skin care natural skin care is purely cosmetic Natural skin care is made from natural raw materials, which are environmentally friendly and as well as nourishing for the skin. The plant raw materials often come here from organically grown plants. The biological skin care trust many manufacturers of natural cosmetics on a certification of their own cosmetics. It natural cosmetics are usually made: Without alcohol, colorants, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, silicones, animal experiments.How to skin care
 Natural skin care need not be expensive Natural beauty is more expensive than products from discount or own trademarks of drugstores, but you also get a skin care which is usually high at the highest level. However, we obtain here a biological skin care without questionable additives. Which natural skin cares are there? While the selection in health food stores and drug stores is usually limited to a few natural cosmetics products, the cosmetic manufacturers have actually whole series cosmetics on offer. These are, unfortunately, completely available only on the Internet. There are natural beauty products for every need. Natural skin care for women For women, there are several providers of complete skin care lines that can compete on the number of products even with the most established providers. There are special anti-aging skin cares as well as biological makeup. Depending on the manufacturer powder is not pressed, for example, but for the ladies baked skin, the moisture escapes in a natural way, so that binders are unnecessary.

The most important care for the skin

In addition to natural skin care products as its own fat production and the advice to pay attention to the nutrition and athletic activities, there is a whole range of products, which are offered for skin care.
Pedicure products Skin care products, the skin of our feet needs the necessary care or balm are usually applied at the foot care for rough spots, especially at the heel to treat this often Urea is used as an additive. How to skin care There are also foot creams that are meant for the skin care of stressed and tired feet, where substances such as arnica or menthol may be used. Hand care products For hand care is usually hand cream but also hand balm or hand lotion available. Hand cream can oils, vitamins and active ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, or almond milk. Hand cares products moisturize the skin, making it supple and prevent the hands are rough. Especially in winter hands can be rough and should therefore be treated with a suitable product. Skin cream Skin creams consist at least of water and fat, you will be stabilized with emulsifiers. Also be added to other ingredients to improve skin care (such as vitamins). Man (suitable greasy, so for dry skin) distinguishes between water-in-oil emulsions and oil-in-water emulsions (higher water content, therefore, suitable for oily skin). Body Lotion (Body Lotion) A body lotion is a more fluid form of skin cream or body lotion that quickly absorbed mostly in the skin. The body lotions are often oils (such as jojoba oil), vitamins added (such as vitamins) or other nourishing substances (such as Aloe Vera).

Monday, 17 March 2014

Skin Care Tips for Men

Start with a thorough cleaning of your face to remove the day to remove dirt and perspiration. Clean again before you go to bed the face. Dead skin cells and other pore-blocking dirt are best removed with a special face lotion for men.
The face of water will open your pores and thus allow for a better shave. Beard shaving in men Before shaving, moisten best your face with warm water. Thus, the shaving gel (or shaving) does its job better and the skin and beard hair softer. Take a few extra moments to the shaving gel well to massage a. The massage helps the blood flow to the dermis to stimulate.Skin Care
 Never use a dull blade to shave around. It is best to always shave in the same direction as your hair growth. Shaving in the opposite direction or shave in both directions can irritate the skin. Take your time even if you do when shaving it every day, so you should still be careful. It is especially important to use after shave products do not contain alcohol because alcohol dries out the skin. It is important to ensure sufficient moisture after shaving. Men's grooming is not just limited to the face Please note that your face is not the only part of your body which is covered with skin. Make sure that all the skin is clean and does not dry out, while the gentlemen should have a particular focus on the feet, elbows, arms and hands. Soft hands are also something pleasant. And do not forget healthy life. Eat balanced, work out regularly but without overloading this is you do not smoke and do not drink too many alcoholic drinks - all of which helps to keep the skin of men healthy, although this is perhaps the hardest part of men's skin care.

How to protect your skin with fruits steps

Islands Enters the islands in the work of many cosmetics that resort to use beauty experts and dermatologists because of vegetables richest vitamin [A] It is known that this vitamin is essential for healthy skin and used the islands as a mask for the skin.
 Cut carrots, mixed and filtered and placed upon a few white honey and then placed on the skin for 10 minutes and then evaluating washing the face. Orange peel Enters oranges in the work of many cosmetics, especially creams hand care in .How to skin care Action masks own face and can take advantage of orange peel after removing it from the fruit directly in scrubs hands where she works succulents existing to lubricate the skin and the demise of the roughness and cracks. Potatoes Contain the fruits of potatoes on the membrane plant that works not to the accumulation of cells and makes it smooth and potato effect in the demise of the swelling and puffiness that appears under the eyes also indicate potatoes of the best detergents and refreshments for women with sensitive skin also have an impact in the treatment of skin allergies. As for the method to use if you are infected with allergy skin you paint the place infected juice potatoes or work compresses from their brackets on the skin and the skin and the eye to eliminate fatigue.

How can I treat facial wrinkles

I have wrinkles in my face how it can be treated? - Thanks for the sister of liquid. Facial wrinkles appear because of the time with less amount of collagen fibers and fiber elastic as well as to sunlight while exposure has a role in the formation of wrinkles, abound as well as in smokers.
, and can be prevented by keeping a distance from the X-Ray the sun and the use of creams and sunscreens and refrain from smoking. Either treatment, there are many medications and creams such as vitamin cream (a) (c) and fruit acid, which is recommended for use for long periods of time to get the desired results and the use of the different types of bleaching creams and also for chemical peeling role in the mitigation of pigmentation and wrinkles,Skin Care  Moz  especially fine wrinkles is to choose the type of chemical peels depending on the type and quality of the patient's skin wrinkles. But Botox injection role in alleviating wrinkles, and works to relaxes muscles and ease wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and continues to affect about 4-6 months ago. Could also be used collagen injections the different types of where these injections to correct wrinkles for a period of up to more than 6 months. Also can handle wrinkles by sandpaper laser this method is good for the skin and white, but there are complications many in people with dark skin. Finally can resort to a face-lift and is the only solution for the treatment of wrinkles severe and can resort to the more than one way of the methods mentioned for the benefit.

Appearance of signs of aging

To avoid the appearance of signs of aging aforementioned person needs to care long-term and prefer to start this care good treatment of the skin since childhood, and follow some instructions health simple as possible to protect the skin and then postponed signs of aging.
It is recommended to organize hours of sleep and avoid smoking and non-excessive intake of stimulants such as coffee Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight and use sunscreens when you need Eat an adequate amount of water daily Eating the right amount of foods that contain vitamins and antioxidants such as salads and fresh fruits and vegetables.Skin Care  Moz Use moisturizers, especially if there is dryness of the skin and also advised using the products daily care after the age of forty. With the onset of wrinkles and simple lack of skin thickness are advised to start the program skin care includes creams nutritious and sessions peeling even raise the skin cells to form collagen can also use the treatment Mesotherapy, which contains vitamins and antioxidants and material acid, which maintains a pair of skin. The cases that are suffering from the emergence of a clear wrinkles and spots and can be treated Using a specialist doctor and using appropriate technology such as Botox and laser .

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Get rid of skin wrinkles by

Olive Oil: To remove wrinkles, skin, neck, face and neck painted with a mixture consisting half a teaspoon of olive oil, egg yolk and a few drops of lemon juice still this mask after the third hour with lukewarm water. Paint the face with honey and leave.
 it for an hour a day earns skin vitality and freshness and helps to remove skin wrinkles Tomatoes: Tomato juice is used with glycerin and a pinch of salt and anoints him the facial skin and hands taut appearance Grapes: Grape juice is used to wash the face and wet, and it scans the face using a cotton swab dipped in the juice after. Face wet leaves juice for ten minutes until it dries. How to skin care Then wash with lukewarm water with a pinch of sodium bicarbonate. Strawberries: used to stretch the facial skin. Mash the strawberries and painted her face before going to sleep, and leaves until the morning shall wash with water chervil. This helps to stimulate the skin and remove skin wrinkles filtered juice five kernels of strawberries in a soft cloth with egg white, and in addition to five points of rose water and ten drops of tincture gum. Blends all of this and brush on as cotton, then placed on the face for an hour. Then flying, and wash the face with lukewarm water containing sodium bicarbonate per 15 grams per liter. Apricots: Apricots works compresses placed on the face to strengthen the facial skin and purification

Saturday, 15 March 2014

How to care for all skin types

appropriate (Catcher) of 25 or over oily skin: They are more skins negative and the reason is due to their secretions and problems, especially among adolescents (acne) and we'll talk later about it in a special episode, but will not forget the positive oily skin it is strong and solid and do not crumple up early and if we look to identify them easily.
 the color is not uniform and is supple like a dusty - shiny and oily - frequently the fat in which the private areas (nose, chin, forehead), or the so-called T zone which is also called for it in the form of T - pores open - black heads - red beans inflamed - and sometimes their heads are white - fatty cysts - scarring as a result of grain. - Feel greasy non-smooth due to excessive secretions, especially if the high becomes skin like scaly (glands secrete fatty excess of the sebum thus closing off the pores and prevent them thus out of breath). Oily Skin Care: Care for oily skin is the special attention and more importantly daily cleaning delicate, so do not must go to a specialist or a doctor skin, depending on the situation cases normal, minor and medium must go to a specialist in cosmetic cases sophisticated lady to go to the doctor skin is able to be treated after review and tests to find out the main reasons.How to skin care  come back and repeat the cleaning first and foremost in order to prevent proliferation bacteria and inflammation and should not squeeze hands because that would increase the problem of ill and complexity is also subject to turn small warts to abscesses and infections difficult to dispose of, or even of their effects (scars). Steps: cleaning - sterilization - Use Cementing materials and disinfectants - and diluted secretions. , and the first step treatment is the facial. Many are afraid to do by watching daily, but oily skin is most in need of because they process the most suitable before starting treatment homework manner determined by the worker as the case may be usually through: - Cleansing Lotion convenient - antiseptic and anti-inflammatory topical or pill form - a moisturizing cream The rate of discharge oily - Protect Solar - Medicine for the following to address the problem from the inside, and this is by reducing the secretions of the glands inside and close the pores and prevent the recurrence of pimples again. Should be noted that oily skin needs moisturizing because many believe they do not need, but the opposite is true because all types of skins lack of water and you need an element moisturizing and stress protection (sun block) because the sun is the enemy of the skin and thus secures a condom also have protection from external contamination.

Learn the secrets of American skin care

Practicing Japanese, who consume a lot of beauty products, methods of special attention which will preserve the freshness of the skin and orient and softer texture Here, recruit them what suits your taste and your mood and requirements of your skin.
Keen on American women cleaning morning and evening, with special attention to this step, which form the basis of beauty Each time, is used at least three products for skin clean free from any dust or traces of makeup. Rituals cleanse your skin using milk or oil to remove all impurities pollution. Materials are transformed into emulsions nice, what allows you to gently massage the skin. Seek the help of makeup then another, is designed to address the skin. According to your skin type,Dry Skin Care whether in the form of foam or gel; the lotion is a complement to the cleaning process, as well as a previous step to moisturize the skin, which prepares the skin by giving active ingredients. Interest this gentle treatment and conditioner according to your skin type is applied morning and evening to give it a wonderful luster. Becomes bright naturally, and since he is doing a make-up removal dual regularly, it is useful as a process of gentle exfoliation, too, where they become very smooth skin and does not require the use of cosmetic peels only rarely. mixture Japanese to cure all the problems of skin tightening and bleaching and cleaning the face on the way the American to follow new skin care inside the bathroom the two types of products do you use, Begin in the morning using the product most kinder, any gel or foam, so that it is of course appropriate for your skin type, and then followed by the swab using cotton swabs from the bottom towards the top, with a focus.

The latest skin care products and lightened

If you resist buying cosmetics to lighten skin and purification to get rid of dark spots that appear on the surface, to you this guide about the latest skin care products and lightened, effective in skin lightening and softening and purification of all the impurities that are covered: freshness of your skin with Chanel essentials launched house Chanel cosmetics new within the range.
 Precision all aimed to whiten the skin and increase its beauty. New group mask Brightening Skin Lightening Essence Mask, and debugger defects Intensive Whitening Spot Corrector and make-up remover Lightening Cleansing Oil note that these preparations to join the ones that preceded it so that together form a group integrated skin care and bleached and remove impurities from them. You must use the new lotions on a regular basis to get the desired results. Note that the preparations are all affecting the work or cells responsible for dyes. How to skin care Whitening of Perfect Whit n invented a revolutionary group to whiten skin is Perfect White Pearl Lily Complex Advanced Intense Whitening. This collection contains seven preparations new grant women the best strategy to whiten the skin, there is a mask Intensive Whitening, foundation Brightening, foundation polisher, and lotion protective of UV rays, and lotion ovary to the area of the eyes, and the treatment of bleach condenser, foam cleaning for the skin. These lotions seven integrated with each other to make skin whiter and brighter over time. Perfect complexion with White plus HP skin bright and free of stains ... It's every woman's dream, has become this dream possible today with a group White plus HP, which restore skin to a youthful appearance. Group includes four new products: All Spots Whitening Corrector, which relieves the size of the black spots and purifies the skin and softens the small patches, and the second, is the preparation Total Whitening Essence, which guarantees a flawless complexion. The Protective whitening day cream SPF 20 Day Lotion PA + + is the ideal moisturizing cream for the day as it makes the skin feel at ease.