Monday, 17 March 2014

How to protect your skin with fruits steps

Islands Enters the islands in the work of many cosmetics that resort to use beauty experts and dermatologists because of vegetables richest vitamin [A] It is known that this vitamin is essential for healthy skin and used the islands as a mask for the skin.
 Cut carrots, mixed and filtered and placed upon a few white honey and then placed on the skin for 10 minutes and then evaluating washing the face. Orange peel Enters oranges in the work of many cosmetics, especially creams hand care in .How to skin care Action masks own face and can take advantage of orange peel after removing it from the fruit directly in scrubs hands where she works succulents existing to lubricate the skin and the demise of the roughness and cracks. Potatoes Contain the fruits of potatoes on the membrane plant that works not to the accumulation of cells and makes it smooth and potato effect in the demise of the swelling and puffiness that appears under the eyes also indicate potatoes of the best detergents and refreshments for women with sensitive skin also have an impact in the treatment of skin allergies. As for the method to use if you are infected with allergy skin you paint the place infected juice potatoes or work compresses from their brackets on the skin and the skin and the eye to eliminate fatigue.

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