Saturday, 15 March 2014

How to care for all skin types

appropriate (Catcher) of 25 or over oily skin: They are more skins negative and the reason is due to their secretions and problems, especially among adolescents (acne) and we'll talk later about it in a special episode, but will not forget the positive oily skin it is strong and solid and do not crumple up early and if we look to identify them easily.
 the color is not uniform and is supple like a dusty - shiny and oily - frequently the fat in which the private areas (nose, chin, forehead), or the so-called T zone which is also called for it in the form of T - pores open - black heads - red beans inflamed - and sometimes their heads are white - fatty cysts - scarring as a result of grain. - Feel greasy non-smooth due to excessive secretions, especially if the high becomes skin like scaly (glands secrete fatty excess of the sebum thus closing off the pores and prevent them thus out of breath). Oily Skin Care: Care for oily skin is the special attention and more importantly daily cleaning delicate, so do not must go to a specialist or a doctor skin, depending on the situation cases normal, minor and medium must go to a specialist in cosmetic cases sophisticated lady to go to the doctor skin is able to be treated after review and tests to find out the main reasons.How to skin care  come back and repeat the cleaning first and foremost in order to prevent proliferation bacteria and inflammation and should not squeeze hands because that would increase the problem of ill and complexity is also subject to turn small warts to abscesses and infections difficult to dispose of, or even of their effects (scars). Steps: cleaning - sterilization - Use Cementing materials and disinfectants - and diluted secretions. , and the first step treatment is the facial. Many are afraid to do by watching daily, but oily skin is most in need of because they process the most suitable before starting treatment homework manner determined by the worker as the case may be usually through: - Cleansing Lotion convenient - antiseptic and anti-inflammatory topical or pill form - a moisturizing cream The rate of discharge oily - Protect Solar - Medicine for the following to address the problem from the inside, and this is by reducing the secretions of the glands inside and close the pores and prevent the recurrence of pimples again. Should be noted that oily skin needs moisturizing because many believe they do not need, but the opposite is true because all types of skins lack of water and you need an element moisturizing and stress protection (sun block) because the sun is the enemy of the skin and thus secures a condom also have protection from external contamination.

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