Monday, 17 March 2014

How can I treat facial wrinkles

I have wrinkles in my face how it can be treated? - Thanks for the sister of liquid. Facial wrinkles appear because of the time with less amount of collagen fibers and fiber elastic as well as to sunlight while exposure has a role in the formation of wrinkles, abound as well as in smokers.
, and can be prevented by keeping a distance from the X-Ray the sun and the use of creams and sunscreens and refrain from smoking. Either treatment, there are many medications and creams such as vitamin cream (a) (c) and fruit acid, which is recommended for use for long periods of time to get the desired results and the use of the different types of bleaching creams and also for chemical peeling role in the mitigation of pigmentation and wrinkles,Skin Care  Moz  especially fine wrinkles is to choose the type of chemical peels depending on the type and quality of the patient's skin wrinkles. But Botox injection role in alleviating wrinkles, and works to relaxes muscles and ease wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and continues to affect about 4-6 months ago. Could also be used collagen injections the different types of where these injections to correct wrinkles for a period of up to more than 6 months. Also can handle wrinkles by sandpaper laser this method is good for the skin and white, but there are complications many in people with dark skin. Finally can resort to a face-lift and is the only solution for the treatment of wrinkles severe and can resort to the more than one way of the methods mentioned for the benefit.

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