Saturday, 15 March 2014

The latest skin care products and lightened

If you resist buying cosmetics to lighten skin and purification to get rid of dark spots that appear on the surface, to you this guide about the latest skin care products and lightened, effective in skin lightening and softening and purification of all the impurities that are covered: freshness of your skin with Chanel essentials launched house Chanel cosmetics new within the range.
 Precision all aimed to whiten the skin and increase its beauty. New group mask Brightening Skin Lightening Essence Mask, and debugger defects Intensive Whitening Spot Corrector and make-up remover Lightening Cleansing Oil note that these preparations to join the ones that preceded it so that together form a group integrated skin care and bleached and remove impurities from them. You must use the new lotions on a regular basis to get the desired results. Note that the preparations are all affecting the work or cells responsible for dyes. How to skin care Whitening of Perfect Whit n invented a revolutionary group to whiten skin is Perfect White Pearl Lily Complex Advanced Intense Whitening. This collection contains seven preparations new grant women the best strategy to whiten the skin, there is a mask Intensive Whitening, foundation Brightening, foundation polisher, and lotion protective of UV rays, and lotion ovary to the area of the eyes, and the treatment of bleach condenser, foam cleaning for the skin. These lotions seven integrated with each other to make skin whiter and brighter over time. Perfect complexion with White plus HP skin bright and free of stains ... It's every woman's dream, has become this dream possible today with a group White plus HP, which restore skin to a youthful appearance. Group includes four new products: All Spots Whitening Corrector, which relieves the size of the black spots and purifies the skin and softens the small patches, and the second, is the preparation Total Whitening Essence, which guarantees a flawless complexion. The Protective whitening day cream SPF 20 Day Lotion PA + + is the ideal moisturizing cream for the day as it makes the skin feel at ease.

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