Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Symptoms of seasonal allergies

Seasonal allergy symptoms begin to appear, usually, when the concentration of up to 30 pollen grain pollen per cubic meter of air. But during the hot humid climates,
and after the rain directly, the concentration of pollen grains increases the amount is too large for up to 500 grain pollen per cubic meter of air; Therefore, allergy symptoms are often greatest after rain directly when patients allergic to pollen . During the days in which they occurs thunderstorms, the pollen grains to burst out starchy grains are very small to the air, which is very strong in agitating seasonal allergies; because they can reach places very deep in the long after inhalation as a result of their small size. How to skin care Preparedness to cope with allergies How to create a patient before entering the season? Answers the question pointing to the fact that the time of the season every year, it is known to be that the patient is initialized steps following medical pre-season week, that holds medical bag containing the following medicines, and used as follows: First, anti-histamine medications are advised to use it when you see the sneezing or congestion in the nose or itchy eyes. Second: Spray the nose contains cortisone is advisable to use it regularly; poultice one for each nose once a day, a week before the season and even the end of the season (once a day). Third Eye drops anti-allergic used when severe itching in the eye Fourth, some international schools are advised to carry cortisone pills 5 milligrams, to be used only when necessary in severe cases do not regularly used only under the guidance specialist doctor.

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