Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The most important care for the skin

In addition to natural skin care products as its own fat production and the advice to pay attention to the nutrition and athletic activities, there is a whole range of products, which are offered for skin care. http://www.skincaremoz.com/
Pedicure products Skin care products, the skin of our feet needs the necessary care or balm are usually applied at the foot care for rough spots, especially at the heel to treat this often Urea is used as an additive. How to skin care There are also foot creams that are meant for the skin care of stressed and tired feet, where substances such as arnica or menthol may be used. Hand care products For hand care is usually hand cream but also hand balm or hand lotion available. Hand cream can oils, vitamins and active ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, or almond milk. Hand cares products moisturize the skin, making it supple and prevent the hands are rough. Especially in winter hands can be rough and should therefore be treated with a suitable product. Skin cream Skin creams consist at least of water and fat, you will be stabilized with emulsifiers. Also be added to other ingredients to improve skin care (such as vitamins). Man (suitable greasy, so for dry skin) distinguishes between water-in-oil emulsions and oil-in-water emulsions (higher water content, therefore, suitable for oily skin). Body Lotion (Body Lotion) A body lotion is a more fluid form of skin cream or body lotion that quickly absorbed mostly in the skin. The body lotions are often oils (such as jojoba oil), vitamins added (such as vitamins) or other nourishing substances (such as Aloe Vera).

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