Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What are the causes of atopic dermatitis

Allergy skin of common diseases as a result of the high rate of pollution and the spread of chemicals in our lives in an unprecedented way, and among the types of allergies are atopic dermatitis, what are the causes of infection? Atopic dermatitis is also known as atopic eczema or genetic, http://www.skincaremoz.com/eczema-free-forever-review/
where genetics play a role in the transmission of the disease, especially in terms of the mother, and about the causes of the injury, he spoke as a result of the willingness of genetic, where he plays configuration genetic major role in susceptibility to eczema atopic as smiling infected with this type of eczema features immunological especially like the high proportion of body immune system in the blood, and the presence of injuries allergies other and to study the immune system of the patient, including the promise of cells. The antibodies are different, and materials may reveal the existence of differences concerning, for example, the role played by certain immune cells in the skin. Also, some foods such as milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, fish and other plays an essential role in the incidence of atopic eczema.Skin Care
It also can be contracted as a result of the material inhaled and include mites dust of the house, pollen, hair and animal waste and vesicles fungi air and in some cases, can be sure of the role of hospitals in the events of the disease through skin tests tingling or sensitivity tests skin for 72 hours, where it appears in the cases positive red rash covering vesicles minutes. It also proved to be a psychological state, one major role of being infected eczema atopic, it has been observed, for example, that an increase in stress exacerbates the symptoms of the disease is due to the existence of a relationship or link between nerve cells and some cells affecting the immune reactions to the human body. As different cases of atopic eczema in the nature of their response to climate change, while the worse case of some in the winter, the others are getting their suffering with the disease in the spring, summer and sun exposure may be useful in some cases but harmful and undesirable for other cases, and marks some patients a marked improvement in their condition When they are near the coasts or in mountainous places.

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